The simple truth is that it’s just as easy to fill your office with the “good” PPO insurance patients & “high-quality“ cash patients that are already motivated to come see you and have no problem paying your case fees as it is to just keep “taking what you can get“.

The problem is that you’ve been taught to market BACKWARDS. The consultants and so-called “marketing experts“ have it wrong. That’s why everybody gets mediocre results

(at best) with everything you try. It’s not your fault.

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Success Stories

”Amazing. I’ve already gotten three (3) new patients the very first week! I didn’t have to do any work. I didn’t have to make any decisions. I just sat back and the new patients called me!” 

Dr. Jeff Gilbert
Urbandale, IA

I’ve already had FIVE new patients through the door this week (so far!). I’m so relieved to find something that actually WORKS”  

Dr. Jeff Uhrmacher
Aurora, NE

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